Concept of integration, testing and handover

After the implementation phase, the components are distributed and the necessary software (and also hardware) systems integrated (e.g. inserting the db4O packages into the IS of the company and installing the JVM and other components (Flash, RealPlayer etc .) in the client-server system environment, where appropriate the expansion or (re) integration of external services (database pool providers, business and information services etc.) is also pending.
Then it is necessary to validate the system results with the test. In a milestone situation, this includes comparing or determining the target-actual deviations from the goals set in the target definition. All the results of the content belong carefully to everyone involved, in a separate document. In it, the target deviations, the problem-solving process and personnel aspects as well as an analysis of the success factor communication during the project process should be presented. A final meeting finally (as a provisional) last project event enables the exchange of know-how and experience and the formal handover.