XMSS – Introduction

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Complexity of management

In order to manage complexity in management, intelligent user interfaces must be made available which, based on proven web technologies and proven programming concepts, can handle the requirements efficiently, effectively and intuitively. This is about browsing htrough millions or billions of data records on demand as required. As will be shown, this is one of the main management challenges.

What is XMSS?

XMSS minimizes the complexity, by applying knowledge from management sciences, artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive sciences for the conception and development of tailored management support systems (MSS). XMSS (eXtended Management Support System) is an executable and evolutionary web-app prototype based on the J2EE platform . XMSS was developed © 2006 by N. A. Doger in the context of a master thesis and further developed and tailored for the appliance in several companies. (see fig. 1).

Figure 1: XMSS Screenshot I (Browser View)

The main goal of the XMSS design was (2006) to provide a user interface (UI) to accomplish, cover and overcome the high complexity in the context of emerging technologies, by internalising holistic concepts, leant on  scientific and market-oriented state-of-the-art principles in the fields of usability, management sciences, business analytics, AI, cognitive sciences, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and many more…